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Who Am I?

My name is Lerae Gidyk, founder of Soul Designs Coaching. All my life, I have been deeply empathic and have had a deep interest in people, relationships and this experience we call life. I know that people get up every day and do the very best they can. I know that it is easy to get stuck and stay stuck. I know that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still don’t feel like your getting it “right”. 

Experiencing my own struggle and knowing others might at times struggle in life is what gets me up every day. I have a burning desire to let everyone in the world to know that they are one choice away from all that they desire. Struggle is optional.


What Is Coaching To You?

Coaching is my way of helping people liberate themselves from the many excuses and patterns they think they are stuck in. I believe we are ultimately responsible for the quality of our lives because our lives are a culmination of the choices we make. That’s really where my coaching has a positive impact. When the brilliant people I work with recognize they have a choice, they make different and better choices - it is that hard and that easy at the same time.

Discovering coaching changed my life. The first coaching class I ever took was on the phone. In that hour, I realized I had found my niche and after 28 years of searching, feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere, I had found my place and my community. Since then, I have been deeply invested in coaching, and I have never looked back. I believe in the profession and I believe in you! I am deeply committed to continue to contribute to the coaching profession and your life as much as possible. This is my passion and my calling: I am here to change as many lives as I can.


What Do You Enjoy Most?

There are two things I enjoy most about coaching. One of those things is that coaching is so new and I have the opportunity to be a pioneer in the profession having started Soul Designs in 1999 and achieving the Master Certified Coach designation (MCC) in 2006 when there were only twelve MCCs in Canada. The coaching profession has grown exponentially. The other thing I enjoy most about coaching is the amazing people who I have the privilege of coaching. They are truly wonderful!  

My clients represent a broad spectrum; leaders who want to increase their influence and develop their leadership skills, people who want something different or have a sense there is something more, as well as coaches who are seeking mentorship. Soul Designs is growing and becoming bigger than just me. I am excited to say that the company now offers individual coaching, online courses and retreats designed to help people lead, live and coach better. We are constantly changing and growing all the time, in accordance with the evolving world and culture.

Learn More About Our Coaches

Our specialized team of professional coaches are the best in the business. To learn more about them please follow the link below to our official coaching practices webpage.