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Who Are We?

Soul Designs is an expert coaching practice run by one of the original and foremost personal coaches in the world. With over a quarter-century of experience, founder Lerae Gidyk has employed an absolutely revolutionary set of tenets and guiding principles which have influenced thousands. Soul Designs is where leaders, individuals and coaches come together in order to excel in their respective roles and lives. It's where the truly tuned-in go to find their “what next?” and develop a brand new skill-set to carry them into the next phase of their lives.


What Is Our Mission?

Let's keep it simple: We strive to inspire personal and social responsibility while dramatically improving the lives of our clients and the result they can achieve. Imagine a world where everyone understands that they create their own success, solutions, ease, happiness and opportunities. A world where there is no blame because everyone understand that in the same way they create their own success and happiness they also create and perpetuate their own problems and discontent. At Soul Designs we imagine this world every day. 

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About This Website...

Soul Designs Coaching generated so much interest in 2019 it was necessary to create Soul Designs Plus. This web-only extension will proudly host the growing archive of media materials such as news articles, advertisements, interviews and more. It will also serve as a quick reference for novices and those looking to test the waters. 

If the official site is the Soul Designs User Manual, SoulDesigns+ is the Getting Started guide.